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8 Social Media Tips – With Examples from Real Customers – to Increase your Reach with Ripples ​

Stephanie Morrison | Sep 26, 2018 |

Why does the Unicorn Frappuccino exist?

What does it have in common with an impossible-to-ignore tile floor, bubble gum pink colored walls, or a #selfieccino?

In a goal to attract Gen Z, get more foot traffic, and increase social buzz, lots of food and beverage outlets are  doin’ it for the ‘gram.

Making Ripples part of your marketing strategy is an easy, agile way to stay at the front of social media trends, while boosting repeat visits and the in-store experience at the same time. And it won’t impede your workers’ flow or affect the taste of your drinks.

Here are 8 Tips – With Examples from Real Ripples Customers—to Increase your Social Media Reach

1. Everyone’s an Influencer – Make a Personal Connection with Custom Content

These days, whether they’re a celebrity with a million Instagram followers or a favorite regular that wants to show you off to a friend, every single one of your customers has their own sphere of influence.

Ripples’ interface and app integration lets you upload photos or create custom messages on the fly for any occasion. Make coffee meaningful, and it will be shared, and they’ll keep coming back.

Customer  birthday? – Make Ripples the perfect finishing touch.

And if you happen to have a movie star staying in your hotel, surprise him with a different custom image on each day of his stay.

Of course, you won’t know every customer personally, but that makes Ripples even better as a simple, easy way to acknowledge the little wins of everyone’s day.

2. Celebrate the Holidays

Whether highlighting a peppermint mocha macchiato from a seasonal menu, or the valentine’s day décor, show off the spirit of every holiday with Ripples. It’s also an eye-catching visual to pair with announcements about special promos or holiday hours.

Paradis proves coffee is SO much better than a candy conversation heart.

Red Maple Cafe shares their Easter Brunch hours – with their Easter Brunch lattes

Local Joe posts a Memorial Day remembrance

and Bardot promotes Halloween treats

3. Promote Nearby Attractions

Another  great way to use your social channel is to promote local events, tourist sites, or non-competing businesses nearby. This helps create a neighborhood vibe, and increases the chance of  reciprocal coverage encouraging their own visitors swinging by for a drink after their visit.

TwoRuba celebrates London, and San Remo Cafe notes a special Toronto birthday

4. Tap into Larger Trends

Whether it’s engaging with customers one-on-one in your restaurant, or posting something topical when you see a trending hashtag, Ripples makes it incredibly easy to take part in a conversation.

Whether it’s a big game, prestige TV, an awards show or a Royal Wedding, Ripples is an eye-catching way to be part of the conversation (and still show off your drinks)

Heidi Bakery’s “Megharryccino”, prominently featuring their name, was picked up in news stories worldwide – from Reuters to the Washington Post. 

5. Run a Contest

Increase likes and followers, reward your evangelists, and get more people through the door, all for the price of a few milkshakes.

Make sure to match rules of entry with your goals. If you want to encourage increase repeat engagement, let your visitors enter once per day. If your main goal is to increase your reach, give contest entries based on shares or tags.

 Johnny Rockets awarded entries per tagged friend, and got more than 100x more comments than from an average post.

6. Invite Customers to Co-Create

Make customizable coffee a part of your brand, and use your social channels to educate your customers and invite them to make their drinks truly their own.

Black Star Burger introduces Ripples with this post:

“Take a photo, and in a minute your portrait will appear on a fragrant cup of coffee. If you are not ready to face new technologies – then you can choose any picture on our tablet 👌🏿 Drawing is completely natural, no dyes – only freshly ground coffee ☕️ #SovietfulProfessional #RipplesRussia #DrinkRipples”

AND SNAP Coffee in Toronto made this video inviting customers to personalize their froth.

7. Spread Brand Awareness

Your logo is a powerful visual that communicates your brand and your value. Print it in coffee and spread the message even farther.

Bardot’s cheeky lips and The Setai Miami’s iconic palm trees truly embody their brands.

8. Get talked about.

Local news outlets and microinfluencers are ALWAYS looking for new stories and content ideas. Drinks with Ripples (and an opportunity for your customers to share their own pictures, logos, and messaging), will increase your reach all the more.

“Celebrating #nationalbeerloversday by drinking myself in!”

In a feed full of delicious eats, Ripples (plus Fruity Pebble churros) makes Bruno’s Taco Bar pop.

Customers my show up because they see you on Instagram, but your food, drinks, and service are what will make them keep coming back. Luckily, you’re already a master at that.  Ripples is an easy-to-add enhancement to quickly master your social strategy. The bottom line is that  having a photographable venue or drinks means free, fun publicity, and drinks Ripples are eminently Instagrammable.