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  • The Ripples Team | Dec 20, 2015 |

    Pick the Holiday – and the Greeting. Spread Seasonal Spirit with Ripples.

    Traditionally, the holiday season has been one marked by harmony, by communal joy and the general spread of goodwill. Today’s best brands take that spirit and spread it everywhere, being as progressive and inclusive as possible, sharing in the holiday spirit with all of their customers, regardless of background...
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  • The Ripples Team | Dec 18, 2015 |

    We Need Your Vote – Last Gadget Standing

    Ripples has earned the right to compete in the "product demo of our lives!" Please give us your vote! Voting is open December 18 - January 7.
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  • The Ripples Team | Dec 15, 2015 |

    The Galactic Experience

    Ripples used the Force in a battle against the galactic empire at L.A. Live. In honor of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we rippled drinks at The Galactic Experience, sponsored by Target.
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  • | Nov 10, 2015 |

    42nd Annual Village Halloween Parade in NYC

    Halloween has always been a night of magic and mystery, fancy costumes and free candy for the kids. Luckily, in Greenwich Village it’s a grown-up affair. On October 31st, 2015, the Ripples team was in New York City, where we provided Rippled coffee for VIP guests at the 42nd Annual Village Halloween Parade...
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  • Yossi Meshulam | Oct 22, 2015 | Lifestyle

    Grounds for Optimism

    Are things getting better or worse in the world? Fewer people...
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  • | Oct 15, 2015 |

    See the Ripple Maker at HostMilano

    Will we see you at HostMilano? Come have a coffee with our team...
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