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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Product and Printing
  • Art and Content
  • Purchasing and Availability
  • The Company
Product and Printing
Q:What is the Ripple Maker?

The Ripple Maker is a wi-fi enabled countertop device that prints images on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks.

Q:How does the Ripple Maker work?

The Ripple Maker works by combining patented 3D printer mechanics with Inkjet printing technologies. Put your finished drink on the self-rising tray, scroll through the available designs, and tap to select.

Q:How long does it take to print an image?

It takes just a few seconds to select and print each design.

Q:Does the Ripple Maker make drinks?

the Ripple Maker simply makes foam-topped drinks picturesque. Make your guest’s beverage by your usual methods, and then place the glass on the Ripple Maker tray and select your design. Ripples will let you add the perfect finishing touch.

Q:Are there tricks to creating a drink ready for Ripples?

Smooth, even foam, poured right to the brim of the glass, is the perfect canvas for Ripples.

Q:Do I need to train my staff to use the machine?

The Ripple Maker can be mastered in minutes. There is no need to set aside time for lengthy training sessions. But perfect foam with minimal or micro-bubbles is key.

Q:What's a Ripple Pod?

The Ripple Pod is a proprietary capsule filled with our patented coffee-based extract, that’s used to print each design.

Q:What does the Ripple Maker print with?

The “ink” is coffee extract, dispensed from your Ripple Pod. A single Ripple Pod will create approximately 500 prints. Ripple Pods are included with customer subscriptions and are re-supplied as per individual customer requirements.

Q:Will the Ripple Maker change the taste of my drink?

Because each print is created from a minuscule amount of coffee extract, there is no effect on the quality or flavor of the beverage being enjoyed. (Try matcha green tea, or a gin flip!) The added caffeine content within each print is neglible

Q:Are Ripple Pods available in different colors?

The Ripple Pods are preservative and artificila ingredient-free, so all prints are in ‘coffee-scale’.

Q:Are Ripple Pods refillable?

Ripple Pods are not refillable. Only our specially developed coffee extract can be used to ensure food-safe, high-quality prints.

Q:Does the extract have any gluten or other allergens?


Q:Are Ripple Pods kosher?

Yes, the Ripple Pods and coffee extract are certified kosher.

Q:How many prints can you make with on Ripple Pod?

A single Ripple Pod will create approximately 500 prints.

Q:I'm low on Ripple Pods - how do I get more?

Ripple Pods aren’t sold individually, they’re included as part of your subscription. Our team tracks your machine’s status and will autmoatically ship you a new Ripple Pod before it’s needed. In case of a pod malfunction or to order extra pods for an event, simply contact customer support at support@steamcc.com

Q:Do Ripple Pods require refrigeration?

No. Ripple Pods should be kept at regular room temperature, and not in the refrigerator.

Q:How regularly do Ripple Makers need servicing and who does it?

Ripple Makers do not require regularly scheduled maintenance, you just need to wipe down the drip tray at the end of each day. All machines are backed by a 1-year comprehensive warranty (or as required by law). The Ripples Customer Success team is available by phone or email for any technical support questions.

Q:Is there a patent on the Ripple Maker and Ripples?

Yes. Steam CC has been granted patents and trademarks on Ripples technology. Additional patents and trademarks are pending.

Art and Content
Q:How does the Ripple Maker receive images?

The Ripple Maker gets images in a number of ways:

  1. Ripple Creative regularly creates and updates the designs available on the Ripple Maker.
  2. Your team gets access to a web portal where you can upload and  control images on your Ripple Maker.
  3. Your customers can download the Coffee Ripples app from iTunes, Google Play, or WeChat, sending any image from their phone to a Ripple Maker nearby.
  4. Talk to us about integrating Ripples technology with your company’s own app.
Q:What are the design guidelines for Ripples?

Designs for Ripples are 1700 x 1700 pixels, 600 dpi, and high-contrast with bold lines.

Q:What are the features of the Coffee Ripples app?

The Coffee Ripples app allow you to upload any photo or image – from selfies to screenshots – and have it printed on your next latte, cocoa, cocktail, or flat white. Plus, it gives you the ability to find shops with Ripple Makers near you.

Q:How can my staff screen customer-provided images?

Images sent by guests are sent to a special queue on the Ripple Maker screen. Your staff will have the chance to see and approve each image before they print the design.

Purchasing and Availability
Q:Who can purchase a Ripple Maker?

The Ripple Maker is available for businesses that sell or serve drinks as a course of their every day business. It must be staff operated in a stationary location. (Ripples is not currently available for catering outfits or food trucks).

Q:Can I purchase a Ripple Maker for use in my home?

For now, the Ripple Maker is only available for businesses, and is designed for use by a barista, bartender, or other drinks professional.

Q:Is the Ripple Maker covered by a warranty?

Yes, all of our machines are covered by a one-year warranty, or as required by law.

Q:Can I order a Ripple Maker for use on a trial basis?

Due to a high volume of orders, we are not offering product trials. Email our sales team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Q:Can I rent a Ripple Maker for use at an event?

The Ripple Maker is available for events. Our team will partner with you to wow your guests with custom content, right on their drinks. Staffing is required. Visit coffeeripples.com/events to learn more.

Q:How quickly can I expect to see a return on investment (ROI) from my Ripple Maker?

Our customers that charge their customers for adding Ripples to their drink, report full ROI in only 3-5 months. Customers who utilize Ripples as part of their Customer Experience program say that for the minimal cost that the Ripples platform entails, it represents the highest ROI of their program.

Customers that use Ripples as part of their Digital Marketing strategy report that they receive ROI for their $100pm, every month!

The Company
Q:Who manufactures the Ripple Maker?

The Ripple Maker is made by Steam CC, a privately held, venture-backed company.

Q:When was Ripples started?

The principal technology has been in development since 2007. The Ripples brand was established when we got seed funding in 2014.

Q:Where is Ripples headquartered?

Ripples is headquartered in Petach Tikva, Israel, just outside of Tel Aviv.

Q:What is the connection between Ripples and Steam CC?

Steam CC Ltd is the parent company of the Ripples brand and Ripples Inc.

Q:When was the Ripple Maker launched?

The Ripple Maker had its debut at CE Week in NYC in June 2015. Beta customers received their Ripple Makers that October.

The Coffee Ripples app, which pairs with the device to allow the “end-drinker” to create anything they can imagine onto a cappuccino or latte, was launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2016. The product won the Last Gadget Standing award at the show.

Q:Where is the Ripple Maker manufactured?

The Ripple Maker device is manufactured by a Dutch company in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China.

Ripple Pods and its Patented Coffee Extract are manufactured in Israel.

Q:Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for top talent. Visit drinkripples.com/careers to see open positions.