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  • Print A Selfie Onto Your Next Cappuccino
    “get customers to buy more coffee and forge deeper connections by letting them design their own prints”
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  • “Your barista leaving a cute little heart or snowflake drawing on your coffee is impressive enough, but imagine collecting your cup to find anything from the Mona Lisa to a selfie printed on the surface?”
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  • This Epic Latte Art Machine Can Print Your Face on your Coffee
    “Because why not sip a coffee with your selfie on it?”
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  • Create the Latte Art of Your Dreams with Ripple Maker
    “Lattes are about to get even more Instagrammable.”
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    “There’s something to be said for turning…an espresso drink into a work of art by hand — but not everyone has the time or the talent. For the rest of us, there’s the Ripple Maker.”
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  • Soon You Can Buy a Machine That Turns All Your Selfies Into Latte Art
    “Is this not the best thing ever? It is definitely 100 million percent the best thing ever.”
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  • This New Machine Lets You Make Insanely Detailed Coffee Art
    “The Ripple Maker is a new device that creates foam art so realistic, you may feel bad actually taking a sip.”
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  • This New 3D Printer Is a Game Changer for Latte Art
    “Enter the Ripple Maker, an innovation that is a total game changer for coffee lovers and 3-D printing enthusiasts alike.”
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