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Introducing Ripples’ Facebook Messenger Assistant

Ripples Team | May 16, 2018 | Tech Updates

Meet Bean!  The Ripples Assistant for Facebook Messenger

Bean is a chatbot who will help your customers send their selfies (or any image on their phone) to the nearest Ripple Maker to be printed on their drink, all within the Facebook Messenger app they already know.

Bean uses facial-recognition technology for best results and uses a chat-interface to prompt customers to confirm their location, choose an image, or take a selfie in real time.

Customers will no longer need to download the Ripples App to send their selfies to your Ripple Makers. They’ll simply scan the code, and start talking to Bean.

With Ripples, Your Business Will Join the Facebook Chatbot Trend

Facebook chatbots are one of the biggest trends for 2018, and more than 1 billion users have the Facebook Messenger app on their phones; it creates a conversation-like flow of interaction between businesses and their customers.

Let Bean assist your guests to send their pictures to be printed with the Ripple Maker, while your team is free to craft the perfect drink, all ready for the custom Ripples personal touch.

Download the poster and have guests scan the code to add Bean to your team.

Legal Stuff and Privacy Notes: Ripples’ Assistant is a 3rd party integration with the Facebook Messenger platform and Chatfuel, availability of the service relies on availability of their servers. GDPR compliance is based on Facebook’s terms and conditions.