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App Support

  1. Q: How can I tell if my picture will make a beautiful Ripple?

    A: The Coffee Ripples app does all the work for you; it will automatically reconfigure your picture for optimal rippling.
    But it always helps to:

    1. Use an image with a high-contrast background (white or black)

    2. Avoid fine lines – bold images work best.

  2. Q: How do I select Ripple-enabled coffee shops in my vicinity?

    A: After you have chosen or created your Ripple a list will appear displaying all of the Ripple Makers near your location.

  3. Q: How do I know that the cafe I am in has a Ripple Maker?

    A: Look for the “We Ripple” sticker on the window.

  4. Q: I have sent a Ripple to the Ripple maker next to me and got a ticket number, now what?

    A: All you have to do is order your choice of coffee and let the barista know your ticket number, simple as that.

  5. Q: What is the difference between the “Ripple Library”, “Surprise Me” and “Create Ripple” options?

    A: The “Ripple Library” let you choose a Ripple from our extensive collection of images while the “Surprise me” option chooses for you.
    The “Create Ripple” option let’s you create your own beautiful Ripple, you can draw on the screen, take a picture or use a favorite image from your picture library.

  6. Q: I made a beautiful Ripple and I want to print it again, where can I find it?

    A: Under the “Ripple Library” category you will find the “My Library” option which hold all of your previously created Ripples.

Are you having problems with the Coffee Ripples App?

Please email our support team.