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Your Social Posts and Brand Messages with Ripples – 11 favorites from 2018 (so far)

The Ripples Team | Aug 01, 2018 | Ripples ROI

 Your Social Posts and Brand Messages with Ripples – 11 favorites from 2018 (so far)

Ripples makes any drink interactive – a way to start a conversation, share an idea, or enhance and promote an experience.  No one knows – or demonstrates – that better than our customers, using Ripples to promote specials, events, and their shops. Check out some favorites we’ve spied on Instagram so far this year. 

1. Birmingham Roast – Birmingham, Michigan

Is there anything better than Taco Tuesday? Maybe adding eggs and avocado, and having a breakfast burrito. Short, sweet, and eye catching, Birmingham Roast uses Ripples to call attention to the menu. 

2. Snap Cafe – Toronto, ON

With Ripples we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this five second explainer video is worth one in a million.

Customize your own froth! Get for free SNAP at Snapcoffeetoronto

A post shared by Snap Coffee (@snapcoffeetoronto) on

3. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea – Disney Springs, Florida

Joffrey’s dedicated their whole day to Donald, with Ripples to match. Tying your Ripples prints to your in-house themes and promotions gives you a holistic brand message from the bottom of the glass on up.

4. Baguette – Austria

This Austrian coffee chain put together an incredible video to introduce customers to their latest offering – Kaffee so individuell wie du! 
Coffee as individual as you!

5. Black Star Cafe – Russia

One of the coolest promotions we’ve seen. Click play. You won’t be disappointed. 

6. World of Beer – Destin, Fl

Dinosaur Trivia! Half-priced drinks, great friends, Jurassic Park, dinosaurs. You don’t think it can get any better but then BOOM. T-Rex in your beer.  We love how WoB arranged their image. Ripples is an enhancement to the amazing programs and messaging our customers already come up with, and this picture shows that nicely.

7. Martinez Hotel – Cannes, France

We love how subtle the Ripples design is in this influencer’s post. Just one more extra, surprising touch to compliment the amazing breakfast and breathtaking view Hotel Martinez offers each guest.

8. Herods Vitalis – Israel

Romantic filters, dreamy styling, and a cappuccino topped with Ripples is an ideal way to start the day.

A post shared by Ripples (@drinkripples) on

9. Hard Rock Cafe – London

Limited-edition cocktails fit for a brand new duchess. 

10. ROWNYC – New York City

Your brand is strong, you’re in a great neighborhood, your coffee is delicious. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything more than that. Share a picture, say good morning, invite them in.

Good morning from @districtmnyc ! ☕

A post shared by RowNYC Hotel (@rownyc) on

11. San Remo Bakery – Toronto, ON

At its best, Ripples helps you amplify a message and create a moment. San Remo Bakery offered free lattes to bring attention to the #BellLetsTalk campaign to destigmatize mental illness

Ripples are an event on their own, but at it’s heart it’s a way to share a message and create a moment. We love seeing everything you have to say. Tag us #drinkripples so we can amplify your stories and to continue the conversation.