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Who’s Serving Ripples?

  • For Hotels & Hospitality
    Exceeding Guests’ Expectations

    When guests receive an extra surprise, that fun memory will stay with them beyond their stay.

    Whether your guest has breakfast in the dining hall or orders room service in bed – serving their morning latte with Ripples is the personal touch every hotel should aim for when attracting loyal, returning guests.

    From promoting on-premises activities to serving personal messages at hosted events – read more about why the Ripple Maker is the perfect hotel companion.

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  • For Coffee Chains
    Building Customer Loyalty

    When a coffee is served with Ripples, it becomes more than a cup of coffee – it becomes a fun and exciting experience that makes people come back for more.

    When coffee chains have Ripple Makers at every location, they’re not only boosting their brand recognition by consistently serving customized cups of coffee, they’re creating long term relationships with their clients, and gaining an edge over their competition. And when their customers share and tag their personalized drinks on social media, that’s a real connection.

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  • For Restaurants & Bars
    Increasing Social Interactions

    The two most important moments for any restaurant are the first impression and the last impression.

    We can’t help with the former.  But we can transform the latter.

    When you hand someone a latte with Ripples on top – whether it’s an image you selected or a message that’s meaningful – it says that you care enough to make every detail count.  And little details make a huge impression.

    In fact, even if the meal wasn’t perfect – and that can happen – Ripples makes everything right again.  It makes people want to come back and want to share their experience.

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  • Corporate Food Services
    Reaching Large Groups by the Masses

    When a frothy beer is served with Ripples at a sports event, the crowd goes wild.

    When a corporate cafeteria serves branded lattes to employees, morale and brand recognition are high.

    Large companies, college campuses, stadiums, and more – learn how the Ripple Maker can making ripples in the corporate world.

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  • Events & Conferences
    Gaining Exposure & Growing New Leads

    The name of the game is ROI, and when your event or conference booth is winning at reach, buzz, creativity and efficiency – you know you made the right call with that Ripple Maker.

    Serving drinks with Ripples is the perfect way to stand out over the clutter and get those eyeballs, throughout the event and beyond it – learn how to make the most out of your events with Ripples.

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