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Serving Ripples?

  • For Coffee Shops
    We Put the Art in Artisanal

    You seek out the finest coffee.   You train your baristas to be obsessive about every detail.

    When you finish off that journey of perfection with a Ripple on top, you honor the coffee below with the message above.  Your coffee-mad customers will appreciate the extra step, the extra smile, the extra jolt of caffeinated (or half-caf) inspiration.

    That means loyalty.  That means repurchase.  And that means a frenzy of photographing, Instagramming and general sharing that will create a ripple of viral awareness for your establishment.

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  • For Restaurants
    Add a Ripple. Make a Friend. Start the Sharing.

    The two most important moments for any restaurant are the first impression and the last impression.

    We can’t help with the former.  But we can transform the latter.

    When you hand someone a latte with a glorious Ripple on top – whether it’s an image you selected or a message that’s meaningful – it says that you care enough to make every detail count.  And little details make a huge impression.

    In fact, even if the meal wasn’t perfect – and that can happen – a Ripple makes everything right again.  It makes people want to come back and want to share their experience.

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  • For Hospitality Suites
    A Ripple is the Ultimate Sign of Hospitality

    There’s nothing more welcoming than a personal greeting.  And a latte with your Rippled message is just that.

    You can choose to say anything you want. Congratulate.  Educate.  Communicate.  Differentiate. Make on a Ripple on their world, and they’ll be a happier part of yours.

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